Welcome to HBEN

Several years ago, the Hispanic Business Education Network (HBEN) was co-founded by Olga and Noe Flores. Together, Olga and Noe bring a rich and diverse background ranging from Mexico to El Salvador and Honduras. They are both entrepreneurs and small business owners, operating a successful auto body repair shop, amongst other endeavors. Active in the local community and church, Olga and Noe have dedicated years of hard work and integrity into each of their projects, allowing them the well-earned respect of colleagues, friends and other entrepreneurs. With a profound passion for their unique cultural backgrounds and strong entrepreneurial spirits, Olga and Noe Flores created an organization meant to embody all the characteristics they firmly stood for.

HBEN Vision & Mission

Hispanic Business Education Network promotes and supports its members in developing successful and ethical businesses to build a better future for the Latino community in the San Francisco Bay Area. We work toward a world where the Hispanic community emerges as an economic power through business education and community building.

HBEN Values

  • Comunidad – Community
  • Hermandad – Fellowship
  • Cooperacion – Cooperation
  • Honestidad – Honesty

HBEN Founding Principles

  • Creating and maintaining open communication and a sense of community amongst Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs
  • Creating an environment that celebrates and encourages Members’ unique cultural heritage while providing education on how to successfully conduct business across cultural differences
  • Conduct seminars in Spanish with a strong emphasis on fostering the growth of HBEN members, with solutions on how to market and manage their respective businesses and additional topics that address the preservation of each unique cultural heritage
  • Encourage and facilitate commerce among HBEN members